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 "Sometimes it hurts too much not to talk... That's the worst, when the secret stays locked up for want of an understanding ear."

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Informational Pamphlets about Rape

The following information can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) and freely distributed, so long as the content remains unchanged.  Each pamphlet is designed for double-sided printing.  They are roughly 130K apiece.

You can also download all seven pamphlets as a single 800K compressed file.  You'll need WinZip or some other compression utility to read them.

SAC Services at The Listening Ear

What is Rape?

Myths and Facts About Sexual Assault

What Men Can Do About Rape

What to do if a Friend Tells You They've Been Raped

Pressing Charges in Civil Court

Talking to Children About Sexual Assault

All seven pamphlets in one file: SACInfo.zip

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